Have you ever wonder, Why you’re left with a lot of questions in mind. Leaving you to ponder from night till dawn or sometimes till sunrise. Making your self-juggle with a lot of never-ending worries. Those vague and specific thoughts that sometimes bother you. Thoughts that is making you anxious and uneasy. Well yeah! you are manifesting the sign of OVERTHINKING, a condition which is associated with anxiety disorder.

I admit myself to have been suffering from this kind of disorder for almost 4 years. I started at age of 24 when I first notice that I am already battling with this kind of disorder that none of us wants to deal with. I worried a lot and didn’t get enough sleep when it takes over. I remember one night that my heart pumped out thinking like there’s an ominous event that’s going happen and it keeps circling my mind all night long. My hands are cold and so is my feet, I feel uneasy. There is no cure yet invented for people who are suffering from this disorder maybe some therapy and self-motivation can somehow mitigate the situation. I myself is really on struggle fighting this ordeal. Yourself is being at stake every time overthinking takes place. It feels like, thoughts are bombarded on your mind and you are starting to rattle throughout its attack. It’s like danger is all around and ready to catch you, your loved ones and the world. It’s like forcing your mind to come up the best possible solution to every terrifying situation that you are contemplating. Leaving your mind and body restless throughout its strike. On more serious offense, overthinking can lead to suicidal or chronic mental illness, if not address or find out.

You can’t judge people who are suffering from this disorder. Every person has different agony in life that they’ve been to, which unluckily lead them to endure this condition. I myself can’t contain my feeling of restlessness when it comes to dealing with this situation. Being on rough and hard times it makes me hold more into the belief that life is precious, just to have a little inspiration amidst of the tension going on. As reality slaps you with more struggle in life. The dilemma of overthinking is always right around the corner, waiting to strike again. Honestly, it is fearful and miserable because it is controlling you to enjoy the life that God has given you.

I can give you some tips that I usually do when overthinking takes place:


  1.  Find a helping hand or someone to talk to like a friend, relatives or boyfriend/girlfriend. For that moment, find a person that you think might be the best one to open up anything that you want to talk about. For me, find an interesting topic that you are eager to discuss.
  2. If you are thinking of negative thoughts, Go online: find some videos and interesting object that you wanted to see. I promise your mood or thinking will be set into a different mode, mostly positivity. E.g funny videos, inspirational video or try window shopping online.
  3. Think of an activity that really matters to you or try a new activity. That activity must be worth indulging your whole time with or activity that is good for past time. Usually overthinking attacks when you are free or doing nothing. E.g doing blog, doing YouTube video, cooking, baking, designing, drawing, sewing or try some outdoor activity such as surfing, swimming, gym, yoga and more. That activity will eventually help you forgot whatever negativity that you have in mind.
  4. If not, just for some relaxing mood light a good scented candle and pour on a hot water on your tea bag. Try some caffeine free tea so you won’t feel anxious over time. That works well for me.
  5. You can also try to plan a trip just like a short trip going to somewhere even if it’s not an overnight trip. Just go on a ride at a nearby suburb next to your city that can also kill your overthinking simply because you’re preoccupied.
  6. You can also seek for the medical advice such as a visit to a doctor and have some therapy that might help also
  7. And if you are keen for some drug intake such as calming med, sleeping pills and so, you can do that also as to what your physician advice. But for me, I want to take it in a natural way such as therapeutic activity is much better than drug intake.
  8. You can also cry just to release the burden or anything that’s making you emotionally drained. After that release, you will feel way better.
  9. Simply make yourself happy because, at the end of the day, we ourselves will be the only one to help us not other.

These are my to-do list every time overthinking takes place. It helps me ease load of feelings or thinking that I endure. I hope that this could help you too.


You are not alone! Together, let’s fight this condition that is overtaking our life. As we continue to fight for ourselves, we give way for our right to live and enjoy our normal life. A life that shouldn’t forsake but a life to nourish and flourish.

You are only here, For a short visit, Don’t hurry, Don’t worry, 

And be sure to smell the flowers along the way

– Walter Hagen



On my next post: Live your dreams





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